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Eugene Yoon
CEO at Ryon Asset


- CEO at Ryon Asset

- ITCEN Crypto TFT (Holding Company    of Korea Gold Exchange)

- KPMG Korea

- KAIST Digital Asset Specialist                     Program

- Chung-Ang University, Business                 Administration

- CPA (Certified Public Account in                 Korea)


▶Ensuring Trustworthiness and Cost-Effectiveness through Integration with Traditional Finance

▶Fostering ST Gold Trading and Building Revenue Models by Integrating with the DeFi Ecosystem

▶Introducing Ryon’s “I-Earn Gold”: A Gold-Backed Yield-Bearing Token

▶Activating the Ryon Ecosystem and Crypto Coexistence Strategies

  •  26, Aug, 2024

  • Akiba Hall

"Ryon Asset's Gold Tokenization and Trading Ecosystem Activation Strategy"

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