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Eric Yun
Director at Shinyoung Securities


Eric Yun is a distinguished expert in the field of real estate, with a career spanning over two decades. He currently serves as the Director of the Heritage Solution Department at ShinYoung Securities, where he specializes in real estate solutions. His extensive experience includes leadership roles at ShinYoung Investment APEX Family Office and the Korea Investment Team at Cushman & Wakefield, a Rockefeller Group Company. 

Eric holds a Master's degree in Real Estate from KunKuk University and a Doctoral degree in Real Estate from SangMyung University. He has also contributed to academia as a professor at SangMyung University, where he lectured on Global Real Estate Marketing.



In his lecture, Eric Yun will explore the emerging trends in the real estate market for 2024 and delve into the exciting possibilities of real estate tokenization.

  •  26, Aug, 2024

  • Akiba Hall

Future of Real Estate: 2024 Trends and Tokenization Possibilities

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