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Lior Lamesh
Co-founder & CEO


Lior Lamesh is a pioneering blockchain technology leader, specializing in securing blockchain operations from cyber threats. With a distinguished background as a veteran of the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, Lamesh spent numerous years serving in an elite unit tasked with safeguarding the nation's critical assets from cyber threats. His experience fosters a deep understanding of blockchain cybersecurity nuances, as evidenced by his seven registered unique patents focusing on cyber methods for secure digital asset management. Currently serving as the Co-founder and CEO of GK8, a Galaxy company, Lamesh continues to drive advancements at the intersection of cybersecurity and blockchain technology, shaping new security standards in the digital assets space. Lior was also featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2022.


The financial system is built on trust. Custody is the root of trust. People trust banks as the custodians of their assets. However, the financial system is evolving. Blockchain technology brings new assets which require new custody solutions. If assets are stolen, it impacts the foundation of banking. It impacts trust, not just in one organization. It creates doubt in the system. We believe financial institutions need to recalibrate their perception of current cold storage offerings, proactively review their custody approaches, and implement genuinely impenetrable solutions to secure their digital assets.

  •  26, Aug, 2024

  • Akiba Hall

Impenetrable Custody

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